Welcome to Whitehall Construction…

Whitehall is an award winning residential building company located in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut, member of the National Association of Home Builders. Winner of several HOBI awards from the Connecticut Home Builders Association for excellence in design.   We’re passionate about designing and building elegant homes that capture the essence of today’s lifestyles.   With over 25 years of experience in design, land development, and site engineering, we’ve built well over 100 homes for clients throughout Litchfield County.

The Whitehall Approach

Our principle goal is to form a “design-build” relationship with clients to create the space they’re looking for.   Whether building a large estate or renovating an existing space, we begin each relationship by fleshing out design and space needs as well as the project planning and budgeting.   Walking through every step of the project – from beginning to completion.


About Meo Veldhuizen

Originally from Holland, builder Meo Veldhuizen received his education in architectural design and engineering in Europe before moving to the United States. He has been a resident of Litchfield County, for over 30 years, building homes in the greater Litchfield area. He is also a principal and broker for Fieldhouse Country Properties, a real estate brokerage in Litchfield, CT.

For more information about current projects at Whitehall Construction or to discuss your building project, feel free to contact Meo Veldhuizen by email or phone.


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