Light and Air

Our specialty is taking the ideas and wishes of our customers and bringing them to life. Creating spaces that are not only extraordinary and beautiful but practical, as well. Open spaces filled with light and air that are infused into Whitehall’s architectural designs give our homes a relaxed yet elegant feel. We understand that the experience of adding one’s personal touches is what makes a truly custom home.


At times our design inspiration comes from the architecture that has graced New England for centuries. We infuse the traditional styles with open floor plans and the right blend of “old world” details and modern high end finishes.
Other times we take a contemporary approach to design with volume spaces and lots of glass but always making sure the home maintains a high level of livability and comfort.

Our Craftsmen

Our carpenters and cabinetmakers will create the custom kitchen and bath cabinetry that add a level of fine detail and individualism in our homes. We understand that each and every home is different, reflecting the needs and wants of its owners, and these craftsmen take those ideas and bring them to life.

Fine Carpentry

Whitehall Construction is known for its extensive use of woodwork throughout each home. Beautiful stairs, wood paneling, bookcases, specialty closets, window seats, and built-in shelving/storage, or the unique ceiling treatment shown in this picture. We design to fit the style of each house and it’s owner. Bring us your ideas and we’ll turn them into reality.